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银行业正在自我改造. 持续的数字化转型正引领银行专注于创新,为技术驱动的未来做好准备. With the rise of FinTech and other disruptive technologies, banks have been forced to transition away from traditional ways of doing business. Combine the push for digitalization with intense competition, 全球经济的不确定性和严格的监管环境——银行必须找到新的方法来提高运营效率,并提供卓越的客户体验.

To deliver on the promise of technology and avoid falling victim to the risks inherent in change, 银行需要一套新的战略,需要一批能够执行这一转变的新领导人. 随着高级人才的退休, 银行还需要找到下一批高管,并确保他们拥有连接科技和金融服务世界的技能.

Our team of highly specialized banking consultants can help you find talent to bridge the gap. We deliver end-to-end talent solutions tailored to banking and FinTech companies of all sizes, 从初创企业到跨国公司. With candidate profiles on over 1 million banking professionals, 以及超过200万名金融服务专业人士的评估和奖励数据——我们拥有深刻的见解和影响力,可帮助您建立领导力管道,培养新兴人才,以最大限度地提高您的生产力和盈利能力.


你的表现和结果才是最重要的. 我们与您合作,不断发展和优化,以反映您不断变化的业务需求. We help our banking clients address challenges like these:


Wall Street has long struggled to create more diverse and inclusive cultures. 尽管许多金融服务机构都开展了活动,以改善他们对不同员工的招聘和参与, those efforts have not created a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent. As a result, few women and 人 of color make up banks’ leadership ranks. 
We help you adopt a systemic approach to diversity and inclusion. We work with you to build the two critical pillars of a diverse and inclusive organization. 这些是行为包容, where we enable leaders and employees to recognize and mitigate bias, 以及结构包裹体, where we reshape your talent processes to ensure these are fair and equitable. 简而言之, 我们将向您展示如何消除排他性的优惠模式,并采取公平的做法,使您能够最大限度地发挥员工的全部潜力.


Digitalization continues to revolutionize traditional banking. Whether the goal is to enhance the customer experience, 降低底线成本, 或者扩大市场份额和覆盖面, digitalization plays an important part in achieving banks’ goals. But the benefits of digitalization—higher productivity, 降低交易成本, 更高的资本效率, 而更强的运营弹性——要求银行在现有人才中发展新的能力并吸引人才, 参与 and retain new talent that can stay connected with consumers and businesses. Banks also need leaders who are ready to drive the transformation journey.  

We work with you to establish the key supports for digital transformation. 把握银行市场的新机会, 在混乱中茁壮成长, you’ll need a workforce teeming with learning agility.

我们的研究表明,拥有高度敏捷员工队伍的公司的利润率比同行高出25%. Meaning, you’ll also likely need to evolve your culture. 传统上, 该行业珍视传统价值, 比如限制风险和确保可预测性. 我们帮助您接受有纪律的冒险,让您抓住金融科技和技术带来的机遇 . 最后, 我们开发强大的雇主品牌,帮助您吸引兼容行业的合格人才,并更深入地吸引现有团队成员.


准备接班人需要一个组织了解其内部人才管道,并制定一个周到和透明的继任战略. 但只有不到三分之一的金融服务业高管(28%)认为他们的职位会有现成的继任者. And only 56% believe their organization has a comprehensive succession plan.

我们的银行顾问提供可操作的, research-backed insights that you understand and 开发 the talent you have. 我们根据您的组织战略创建了一份高管成功档案,向您展示您是否拥有未来所需的人才. 我们的领导力评估将帮助您决定如何分配您的资源:是用于高潜力人才的学习和发展,还是用于招聘新的潜在领导者. Then we help you implement succession strategies and planning processes, 这样你就能规划出几代未来的领导人.


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